BP3700 Embroidery Machine




Crafted for individuals whose imagination knows no limits, giving you professional perfection in every stitch.

The Innov-is BP3700 Embroidery Machine is perfect for those with limitless creativity who demand professional results every time. With a speedy embroidery rate of up to 1,050spm, you’ll achieve a polished finish in record time. The generous 360 x 240mm embroidery area makes sewing projects a breeze, while the large, high-definition 26cm touchscreen LCD display brings your designs to life.

Unleash your creativity by drawing or doodling directly into the intuitive editing program, My Design Center, using the BP3700’s spacious touchscreen. Or seamlessly connect to the Artspira App via the built-in Wi-Fi and explore a world of creative projects that you can easily edit or create and design your own. Alternatively, import your favourite jpegs via the built-in USB port and watch them transform into stitch data right before your eyes. Explore endless possibilities with the extensive library of 629 built-in embroidery designs and a wide range of business-ready features. With numerous fantastic features and included accessories, get ready to embroider anything your heart desires.