I became a customer of The Cotton Ball after being disappointed by local suppliers in my area. Pat was friendly and the service I received was fantastic.

I placed an order and received it within 2 days. I even got a free pattern with my order! Pat is always willing to get stock of a specific item/colour/brand for me if she doesn’t have it. I have gone to her store many times which I now call my “HAPPY PLACE” I love seeing and feeling all the yarns and seeing what’s new.

The staff are friendly and always willing to help. The shop offers a creative space where you can buy items, learn skills and make new friends.

Then I started coming for classes and was even happier with Nanet. She is a wonderful teacher who is patient, friendly and very knowledgable. I will continue to support Pat and her team for the great service they give. They always make me feel welcome when I visit.

Happy Client: Michelle Eckert

After a long search for a cotton shop close to where I live, I came across a shop that wasn’t there before. It happens to be a coincidence that I decided to walk past that afternoon, “am I seeing correctly”? Yes! “The Cotton Ball” finally.

I was greeted in a friendly manner by the shop manager Nanet who was very helpful by helping me decide which knitting thread to choose for the blouse I wanted to crochet. I just knew from that moment I was going to be a regular visitor for ideas and inspiration. As time passed I got to meet Pat the business owner and Joyce the cashier. The most friendly ladies that is always willing to help. “If we do not have it, we can order it for you”. Their prices are reasonable and they regularly have specials. They have some lovely crochet blankets and offer crochet classes regularly.

They often post great ideas, specials and class times on their Facebook page. Support “The Cotton Ball”, you won’t regret it.

Happy Client: Amanda Willemse