Juki J-350QVP



Juki J-350QVP:

The Juki J-350QVP is a long-arm quilting machine that comes with a compact size and adjustability. The machine measures 35.4″ x 33.7″ (that’s the main table) and has an optional table extension that provides an additional 15.7″ on each side. The quilting area is more than enough space, with an 18″ depth and a 10″ height. The machine also has a regulated stitch capability, which means the stitch length stays the same (or is regulated) no matter how fast you move the fabric under the needle. The Juki Miyabi also has 3 other stitching modes, which are Basting, Constant and Manual. The machine has a programmable LCD touch screen that includes the Automatic Needle Positioned, Foot Control, bobbin capacity indicator, and stitch length (just to name a few). The foot pedal can also be programmed to work one of two ways: 1. Used like a regular domestic machine (the harder you push the pedal – the faster the needle runs). The machine also has the electronic foot control with quick control thread cutting. Threads are automatically trimmed by push button with the exclusive Juki knife system saving time and increasing efficiency. Upper and lower thread cutter with auto set thread lock. Choose the preferred threads locks prior to auto cut or choose and auto thread pull to bring your threads to the top of your quilt.