Juki HZL-NX-7 is an innovative computerized longarm machine featuring Juki Smart Feed, digital tension and 12-inch throat giving wide sewing area. This multipurpose sewing machines fits perfectly to all sewing levels and interests.

Electronic Feed Dog Control Mechanism

Raise and lower the feed dogs from the touch panel. When the presser foot is raised, the feed dogs is lowered. Fabric can be smoothly removed without damage. In addition to allowing switching to free motion.

JUKI Dual Feed

The dual upper feed dogs can be installed and removed in a single step. The dual-feed design prevents uneven feeding and bunched stitching.

Presser Foot Pivot Function

When you stop sewing, the needle stops in the down position and presser foot automatically lifts to allow for fabric movement. Sew corners or pivot with ease, when you resume sewing the presser foot automatically lowers for continuous smooth sewing.

 Beauty and Easy to Use of Straight Stitch Sewing Machine

The straight stitch throat plate, feed dogs and presser foot can be replaced in one easy step. Curves and single lap stitching cleanly sewn from the beginning of the seam.


Color Touch Panel

Check settings and sewing conditions numerically and graphically. The various settings can be specified intuitively.

 Thread Tension Setting Optimized for the Pattern

The thread tension most suitable for the pattern and stitch length can be set. Sew beautiful seams without shrinkage even when sewing fine or dense stitching.

 Bobbin Thread Counter

The amount of bobbin thread used is counted based on the stitch length and number of stitches sewn. Running out of bobbin thread can be prevented since you will be warned when 20% of thread remains.


From touch panel, view instructions for main machine operations. Specify basic settings without even looking at the instruction manual.



Buttonhole Automatic (sensor system) with clamping plate

Sewing Speed 1050 sti/min

LED Lights 2

Dimensions 575(W)x310(H)x240(D) mm

Weight 14,8kg (10,54 Lb)

Stitch Patterns 351

Buttonholing Automatic

Thread Trimming Function yes

Automatic Needle Threader Yes

Thread Tension Automatic

Automatic Lock Stitch Automatic lock stitch and thread trimming

Drop Feed Yes

Start/stop button Green: Ready to start and/or while sewing, Red: Not ready to start, Orange: When the lock stitch button is pressed while the sewing machine is engaged in pattern sewing


Included in The Box – to be confirmed

Standard presser foot (A)
Bobbin (4)
Spool cap (large)
Touch Pen

Zipper presser foot (B)
Overcasting presser foot(C)
Blind stitch presser foot (D)
Buttonhole presser foot (E)
Manual buttonhole presser foot (I)
Straight Throat Plate
Straight Feed Dog
Needle set HA X 1 # 11 (1):# 14 (1):# 16 (1):for knit #11 (1)
T-shape screwdriver
Cleaning brush

Spool cap(middle)
Spool cap (small)
Auxiliary spool pin
Foot controller
Power cord/
Hard case/
Instruction manual/
Twin needle
Walking foot (N)/
Patchwork presser foot (P)/
Quilt presser foot (Q)/
Quilt guide/
Open toe presser foot (O)/
Edge Sewing presser foot (R)/
Smooth presser foot (T)/
Eyelet punch/
Wide table
Knee-lifting lever/
Operation support DVD

HZL-NX7 Brochure